finnovate   is a student run initiative taking shape to be one of the biggest forums for fruitful dialogue between professionals, academicians in the field of financial management and investment, and the youth that dreams of shaping the next financial framework of the country. The initiative aims at addressing some of the most radical moves in the country’s financial structure, forthcoming investment opportunities, risk mitigation techniques, and the ethos of the indian financial system.

The founders of the initiative have set out a goal to foster long term cooperation, interaction and dialogue between industry professionals and the youth, to shape future ideologies and leaders in the field and create a real impact in the near future.


The Economics and Finance Department of BITS Pilani offers an integrated Master degree in Economics as part of BITS Pilani’s unique Dual Degree Programme. The department also offers a minor in Finance which draws in more than 300 students a year and acts as a springboard for careers in Finance. The Department is a centre for rigorous research in a plethora of fields ranging from Mechanism Design and Financial Markets to International trade and Poverty.

The association has had the privilege of hosting talks by several eminent individuals such as Prof Tarun Jain (Assistant Prof of ISB Hyderabad- How to let bribers go free) and Prof Sai Priya Kamath (Assistant Prof of London School of Economics – Conservatism by Auditors after Audit Failure) and have held rigorous discussions on a plethora of topics ranging from Brexit to Trump’s Economic Policies. The association also hosts several seminars and workshops for the benefit of the students of the University. Notable workshops held in the past include “Data Analytics using R and SPSS” by Prof. Uday Bhate. The student run Economics Association publishes a monthly magazine De-Economist which focuses on ongoing issues in the field of Finance and Economics. The association also organises several events such as Courtroom (a mock court trial centred around laws related to economics like Competition laws and Patent laws) and Brotomer (an event involving a live Stock exchange) for students during ATMOS (The Annual Technical Fest of BITS Pilani-Hyderabad Campus).



Affectionately known as ‘Kenny’, Kenneth Sebastian has been a rising star on the Indian stand-up comedy scene. Taking inspiration from his middle-class background, most of his comedy centers on topics of culture, people, and stereotypes which has enabled him to reach the top of the comedy world in no time.

He's performed in over 500 shows in the last five years and among his various achievements, has also written and hosted the show 'The Living Room' on Comedy Central. So come down to BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus, to be a part of yet another fun-packed laughter extravaganza by Kenneth Sebastian, in association with the literary festival of our campus, Verba Maximus, on the 6th of February, 2017. Tickets -

Balaji Viswanathan

finnovate   in association with Verba Maximus and BITS Embryo, BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus presents a talk by the most followed person on Quora- Balaji Viswanathan. We take pleasure in hosting this writer, author, entrepreneur and engineer who has written more than 3,480 answers and has 251.9k followers on Quora. Founder of Invento, he is popularising the makerspace culture in India. Author of From Tryst to Tendulkar: The History of Independent India, this multi dimensional personality is all set to share his experiences and stories with you. We await you on the 5th of February, F105.